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Outstanding Year 10 History GCSE style answers

Top marks have been awarded to two year 10 pupils for their GCSE style questions in their History class. Mia and Khadija have been studying Medevial medical treatments and the explainations of diseases. 



Outstanding Year 10 History GCSE style answers


Y11 student produces fantastic History work

Some more great work from Anna in Year 11 - This deserves a big mention as she's gone above and beyond the original brief of just creating a timeline!

History edexcel GCSE medicine timeline

Medieval c.1250-1500

Factors= religion, individual genius

Medieval people were extremely religious and believed that god caused disease in order to punish people who had sinned; there was little explanation about the cause of disease other than it could be caused by having unbalanced humours (blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile) this idea had been created by Hippocrates and later on Galen further developed the idea by coming up with the theory of opposites, which opposed the idea that if you were to hot you were to eat or drink something cold to cool down. Both of these theories were natural, these theories were extremely significant to the people due to the fact that both theories covered almost every illness. The church also supported Galen’s ideas for many years because his ideas linked to the soul.

Astrology linked to illness and disease during the medieval period because people believed that the alignment of the planets and stars was extremely important; therefore if they were aligned incorrectly it would cause a disease for example, during the Black Death in 1348 people believed that it had been caused by a bad alignment of the planets and stars.

Medieval people used zodiac charts which represented the different parts of the body and depending on the positioning of the moon, whether a medical procedure could be carried out on that part of the body. Medical procedures would have been operated by barber surgeons.

The people also believed strongly about the miasma theory (bad air).

During the medieval period dating from c.1250-1500 there was very little scientific understanding which meant that there was more continuity during this time because most ideas about cause of disease had been dominated by religious ideas.

Y11 student produces fantastic History work



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