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At CVA, we set homework which we hope a child will find relevant, challenging, and beneficial. All students are set homework and are expected to complete it. Homework is published on SatchelOne so that parents and students can access the same required information. To help support students further with their homework, any incomplete homework will result in a centralised school support session the following day. In this session they will be given an opportunity to complete any missing work with a member of staff to support the completion. We will notify you by text message on the day of the support session if your child requires this session. Thank you in advance for supporting the academy in this process as we know this will help ensure your child is making sufficient progress.

Year 7, 8 and 9

Students should spend roughly 30-45 minutes on each piece of homework. Students will be provided with a Knowledge Organiser and a self-quizzing booklet. Most of the homework set will now be self-quizzing of the Knowledge Organisers. Please see the attached timetable that clarifies which evening students are to self-quiz for each subject. They must stick to this schedule so that the self-quizzing books can be checked by the classroom teacher on the required day. Some subjects will use virtual platforms such as Sparx for Maths and LanguageNut for Spanish.

Year 10 and 11

Students should spend roughly 45-60 minutes on each piece of homework. Homework at Key Stage 4 will be a mixture of Seneca, Hegarty, Languagenut or GCSE specific questions/revision. Students will also be provided with a Knowledge Organiser that can be used to self-quiz or this may be set by teachers as part of their homework. Students at Key Stage 4 are given a week to complete every piece of homework set. They can use the timetable provided to make sure they complete all set work or devise their own routine to ensure all homework is completed weekly.

Year 7 – 9 Knowledge Organisers

Click here to view our Knowledge Organisers

 All students in Key Stage 3 will receive a Knowledge Organiser booklet containing the knowledge and information they need to revise for each subject this academic year. This is the knowledge that will support students when they are preparing for Rank Order Assessments, and also for providing the key information that they will apply to their learning when they are moving on in their learning. This will be issued along with a blue homework book which will be used for self-quizzing. The Knowledge Organisers are published by United Learning and follow the curriculum. There may be some pages that won’t be relevant, but subject teachers will be very clear when setting homework which part of a Knowledge Organiser students should be using to learn from. Homework will clearly specify which pages and which sections should be used for homework.

Students will be expected to bring their Knowledge Organiser packs to every lesson as part of their school equipment. This means they will be able to show their homework as well as use their Knowledge Organisers for self-quizzing in lessons when it is relevant to do so.

The Knowledge Organisers can be viewed on the academy website by selecting Curriculum/Curriculum Overview or by clicking on this link.

How to Self-Quiz

One of the most effective ways to retain knowledge is to regularly re-visit key information and use Look, Cover, Write, Check to help with recall and memory. Regular revision of this information will support students in retaining the knowledge and being able to apply it in their learning. All students will be shown how to complete this process for homework.

When your son or daughter is completing their homework, they should set aside two pages for the subject they are self-quizzing. They should write the date and subject and underline with a ruler. They should then self-quiz in their blue homework book, using the look, cover, write check process as set out below. If they recall something incorrectly, they should correct this with a green pen. The more students repeat this process, the more it will become part of their long-term memory and will be easier to recall.

LOOK – Read the piece of information carefully, two or three times

COVER – Now cover it up

WRITE – Now write down the information that has just been read

CHECK – Did you write the information down correctly? If not, correct with a green colour pen and then repeat.


Students should spend at least 30 minutes for their homework repeating the key information. Where the knowledge is presented as diagrams, teachers will explain what they should learn and how to set that out in their quizzing books. A great way to support your son or daughter would be to quiz them on the knowledge they have been learning.

Sparx Maths

Each week in Sparx, students are set topics by their teachers. These will make up the majority of questions that your child sees. Sparx personalises each child’s homework, making sure it is easy enough for them to complete, but not so easy that they’re not getting stretched! We appreciate that parents will of course want to support their child with their home learning, however, please understand that if you give your child the answers, there is a risk that the homework will get too hard for them. It is therefore really important that your child completes their homework themself and watches the support videos or reaches out to their teacher if they are stuck. Year 7, 8 and 9 are expected to get their homework complete at 100% level. Sparx will let you know when you have achieved 100%.

Homework is not marked as complete until all of the compulsory questions have been answered correctly, or if they have spent at least 30 minutes on the homework.

You can keep track of your child’s homework completion in the weekly email you will receive from Sparx.  If your child forgets their login and password for Sparx, please ask them to see their Maths teacher.

LanguageNut is a virtual platform used for independent learning in Spanish. Every student has a username and password. If these details are forgotten, they need to contact their Spanish teacher as soon as possible. Every two weeks there will be a series of tasks ready to be completed and this should take approximately 45 minutes for Year 7, 8 and 9. Year 10 and 11 will be set weekly homework that should take approximately 60 minutes. The assignments are clearly marked with a red exclamation mark at the top left corner of the screen. The tasks will be focused on the content learned in lessons. Depending on the topic, the assignment can include listening, reading, writing, and speaking tasks. It is essential that these tasks are completed in a quiet space. It is advisable for the students to use a laptop or a tablet as sometimes the size of the phone screen is too small to understand words written in Spanish. However, there is an app called LanguageNut which students can download if the website does not work properly on their device.

Hegarty Maths

Year 10 and 11 will be set weekly maths homework on Hegarty Maths. Hegarty Maths is an online platform to help you learn, practice and revise maths. Each topic is broken into tiny pieces with a video and a quiz to test your understanding. Topics range from simply learning your times tables all the way through to grade 9 topics at GCSE. Students will be set 3 tasks per week that should take approximately 60 minutes. If your child forgets their login and password for Hegarty, please click forgotten password and your maths teacher will reset the login.

Tracking Incomplete Homework

To monitor incomplete homework, we follow a simple 5 stage process that allows us to inform parents/guardians of any incomplete work. The below flow chart illustrates the stages:

Stage 1 3 missed homework

We have concerns that your son / daughter is not completing their homework.

We will send a letter home to inform you of the missed homework and will work with you if you have any concerns.

Stage 2 5 missed homework

We have increased concern that your son / daughter is not completing their homework.

A supportive conversation will be held between the form tutor and your child so that a homework plan can be agreed.

Stage 3 10 missed homework

We are now concerned that your son / daughter is not completing their homework.

A telephone call or meeting will be held with the Head of Year to discuss why the tutor homework plan has failed to improve homework completion.

Stage 4 15 missed homework

We are now extremely concerned that your son / daughter is not completing their homework.

A meeting with the Assistant Principal will be held to create a plan, sign a homework contract and devise a supportive agreement to address the lack of homework.

Stage 5 20 missed homework You will receive a letter from the principal inviting you to discuss all the support that has been put in place and devise an action plan highlighting further support and actions.











Year 7 Homework Timetable

Year 8 Homework Timetable

Year 9 Homework Timetable

Year 10 and Year Homework Timetable

Parent's Guide to Understanding Sparx Maths

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